b'The EBC DifferenceALL BIKES ARE BUILT IN AMERICAHighest Quality Aluminum Frames 6061 hydro-formed aircraft grade (10-year warranty)Motor 28 mph (10-year warranty)(Factory Settings 20mph throttle/PAS)Cutting Edge Battery Technology EBC certified cells, BMS, wiring & plugs(5-year warranty) Super Chargers Standard with all Bikes 200w Super Chargers, 3-Prong charging port, double safety fuses, aluminum casing, MIK click Rearcooling fan with EBC smart CCCV (constant current, constant voltage) charging, Rack SystemModel S, C (only) includes patented 100w internal smart chargerIn-House Built Wheels Built in our U.S. Factories, double walled rims, puncture resistant tires, reflective sidewalls30.4mm X 300mmAluminum Seat PostIntegrated LightsAll bikes have front and rear lights, battery integration & control system750 Watt MaxPerfect Gear RatioPower Output58 tooth chain ring ideal for pedaling at higher speedsMotorHydraulic Disc Brakes Standard on all bikes for safety, reliability & longevity, 180mm rotors, all weather, non corrosiveStainless Steel, Rust Resistant Hardware & Parts, Sealed Bearings Schwalbe FatFrank E-CruiserLongevity is critical to the EBC philosophyTiresBrass rustproof nipples prepped in mineral oil before wheel building together with stainless steal ensures the integrity of the wheel over timeMIK Universal Rear Racking System Simply Click any choice of accessory using the Mik adaptor plate onto your convenient universal racking systemLCD Color Displays Standard on all bike models, includes USB charging port'